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Quran of Haji Bahadur Sahib Mosque of KDA Mosque of KDA
KDA Hospital CMH chowk KDA Park
Garisson cadet college Yadgar chowk Kohat stadium
Duhda Golf Yadgar chowk Stadium


          In the middle of the hilly areas, A beautiful valley which seems like a cup shaped. It store a great beauty in herself. Kohat city is not so a big city but it is so valuable on her place. Peshawar is in the south of Kohat.Now a TUNNEL IS PREPERING FROM KOHAT TO PESHAWARE. River of sindh and Attak division is in the East. Kurrum Agency is I the west, and Karak division is satiated in the north of Kohat.

          Kohat city is also the land of yields and beautiful gardens like the other cities of Pakistan. In the period of war time there were made two big Gates named Tehsil Gate, and king Gate, and so many small Gates. The people of Kohat city were Pleasing an important role in bettle in the war time.

          The maximum population of the Kohat city depends other part of the Kohat division. The population of the Jungle khell is near about 1 lack 20 thousand. ,for this high population the Government made two high colleges for the education of females. And for the male post Graduate Degree College and 2nd Degree College K.D.A should be made. There are so many other school for the Primary education of the kids. The P.A.F Degree Collage and Army Public Collage Kohat should play a role in the basic education of the boys and girls. Except there Collages CADET COLLEGE KOHAT. Cadet College is also very famous College of the Kohat, whit respect to it's good performance in the education. Now at a time Zanana Hospital building has been converted into a third degree college for women to overcome the shortage of seats in the existing two colleges where admissions will start.

          In the Kohat city there are also some industries. The things which are manufacture in these industries are very famous of the all Pakistan. The cement factory , Janana Mil, Florae Mil, and Pulses Mils are very Popular in all Pakistan. These Industries work day and night.

          For the medical research of female and male C.M.H hospital, Liaqat Memorial hospital are Playing a good responsibility. For the enjoyment of the People two big Parks are male and female. K.D.A Park and Duhda Golf Club. There is also a big gardens in the Kohat city. Kohat is famous for guava.


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